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Most of the rental properties we manage are situated within Yokosuka City, but there are some others which are located in the cities and towns surrounding Yokosuka.  Although living in those areas requires commuting to/from the U.S. Navy Base (CFAY), they often have the advantages of offering scenic, quiet suburban, or traditional surroundings.  In previous articles (linked below) we briefly introduced Miura City (located south of Yokosuka) and Hayama Town (located west of Yokosuka).  In this article we will look at Zushi City, which is a coastal resort municipality on the coast northwest of Yokosuka.  Zushi has a population of around 57,000 people and many of its residents work up in Yokohama or Tokyo -- so it is also known as a "bedroom town".  Over the years, many well-to-do Japanese built second "summer homes" in Zushi, and there are also numerous vacation rentals and lodgings where big city dwellers stay to enjoy the resort atmosphere.  The upscale status of Zushi is reflected in its modern yacht marina complex, built in 1971, which is one of Japan's best (see link at bottom).  The city has been built up around a natural bay and beach which look out across Sagami Bay towards Mount Fuji.  The downtown "Ginza" area, near the train station is lively and interesting -- full of places to eat the shop, and great for day trip visits.  Zushi beach is located a short walking distance from downtown and is popular with U.S. Navy-related personnel & families, as it is very accessible -- only three stops away from JR Yokosuka Station.  (Note: Some regulations have recently been issued which require tattoos to be covered up.)  During the summer months "beach houses" are built near the water, which offer places to change, shower, and eat/drink (alcohol consumption limited to inside the beach houses).  Also, there are numerous large restaurants along the highway which runs beside the beach.  Windsurfing, paddle-boarding, and other water recreation activities are available to enjoy.  There is limited parking available, so it is best to use public transportation to go to the beach.  Of interest, Zushi hosts Ikego Family Housing Area, located in a verdant forest area, which is the only U.S. Navy-managed housing complex outside of the main Yokosuka Navy Base.  We hope you will enjoy living in, or visiting, Zushi City while you are in Japan!     

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