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Before using the inquiries form, please view the following "Personal Information Protection Policy".

Personal Information Protection Policy


In the operation of this web site we respect users' privacy and take sufficient measures to protect their personal information while working to store it carefully and manage it appropriately.

[Purpose of Use of Personal Information]

 a) Various communication for the purpose of providing customers with services which meet their needs.
 b) Communication in response to received questions.

  • Personal information obtained will not be used for other purposes without the approval of the person in question.
  • We take measures to prevent leaks of personal information and supervise not only our employees but also contracted workers.
  • The information is not provided to third parties without the approval of the person in question.
  • Information will be disclosed at the request of the person in question.
  • If the disclosed personal information is incorrect, we will make revisions or delete it.
  • We will respond to complaints regarding the handling of personal information promptly and appropriately.
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