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Introducing Hayama

In previous articles on our Staff Blog, we briefly introduced the scenic & laid-back west coast area of Yokosuka City, as well as Miura City, which is located to the south of Yokosuka (see the links below).  In this article, we will take a look at Hayama Town (葉山町).  Hayama is located along the western coast of the Miura Peninsula, just north of Yokosuka, and faces Sagami Bay.  It is a small scenic town, with a population of around 33,000.  In the late-19th century, the Japanese Meiji Emperor built a summer villa in Hayama (it is still there), and following that many upper-class Japanese and Western diplomats, etc., built residences in the town.  It was a good place to get away from the crowds and pressures of Tokyo.  The road which runs along the coast north from Miura City, through western Yokosuka, continues through Hayama Town, but it gets narrow at times, and there is limited parking -- so, a convenient (more leisurely) way to visit Hayama is via bus.  Some links with information on what to do and see and "how to get to" Hayama, are provided at the bottom.  Among the best natural attractions in Hayama are several beaches, which are uncrowded and clean, and during clear days (especially in the winter months) provide truly spectacular views of Mount Fuji across the blue-green waves of Sagami Bay.  For those who like to eat Japanese style "wagyu" (和牛) beef/steaks, a small number of cattle are raised in the area which produce the premium top-grade brand "Hayama-gyu", which is served in high-class restaurants up in Tokyo.  A little searching for "Hayama beef restaurants" online can identify places to eat Hayama-gyu in places closer to Yokosuka.  We hope you will have the chance to visit and enjoy Hayama Town while you live in the Yokosuka area!

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West Coast of Yokosuka City:

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Miura City:

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Some websites about visiting Hayama:

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Hayama - Miura’s Peaceful Coastal Village (


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