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House Building Project

New House with rooftop tower-room -- Like a pointy hat (Part 3)

Construction of a new house with a rooftop tower room has been completed.  


With a floorspace area of over 2060 square feet, it is one of the largest homes we have produced for renting to U.S. military-related customers.


The size of the large, combined living-dining-kitchen (LDK) room on the first floor is approximately 1160 square feet, and there is extra free space in the tower area!


When you see the huge room without furniture, you will feel like wanting to run around!  (゚∀゚)


In this case, in order to prepare for inheritance procedures, the owner purchased property in Yokosuka City's Mabori Kaigan suburb, which is a popular location for homes rented to U.S. military-related customers -- and he decided to build a unique new house exclusively for that purpose.


From the time of purchase to the completion of the building, we worked with the owner for approximately 10 months, meeting with him many times to monitor the progress of the construction.


Here is the exterior of the house. 

It is designed to look like a lovely castle from a fairy tale.

The tower house and balusters on the balcony are so impressive that you can't help but stop to look. 


I was able to take good pictures under the blue sky!


For the owner, who also has multiple investment properties, the design of this new house combined commitment to quality construction, with a hint of playfulness.  🏠


We also installed a sign placard, handmade by the owner.


Originally, there was only one parking space on the back side of the old house. 


We took advantage of the existing driveway layout and made a new excavation, which resulted in creating two parking spaces -- one in the front and one in the rear.

Initially, we had a hard time figuring out the layout of the building due to the front and rear parking spaces, but in the end, we were able to create a spacious and easy-to-use parking area, as well as establishing an enjoyable garden space!


The front parking space looks like it is big enough to park two "Kei" mini cars.


The spacious garden.


The accent wallpaper looks great.


Upon completion of this property, a prospective tenant was quickly selected, and the contract was signed. 


Our company will continue to support the tenant and owner with management services.


We are currently working on the next new house project and will introduce it in a future article.


We hope you will take a look.


Our company has a wealth of information on land suitable for lease to U.S. military-related customers, and we offer building construction plans and financial plans to our clients according to their budgets and other factors.


We will assist you in stable real estate management by maximizing our know-how with house builders, construction companies, and other contractors with whom we have business relationships, according to your needs.


Please feel free to contact us.

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