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Japanese property-unique features

Most of the rental houses and apartments we manage are equipped with modern appliances, as well as some Japanese-unique features.  In order to maintain comfortable temperature levels in various rooms, there are air conditioners which normally have three functions: cooling, dehumidifying, and heating, and are operated by using a handheld remote control.  The bathtub will often have a small control panel to adjust the temperature of the water.  Many toilets are now equipped with heated seats and washlets/bidets which can be adjusted using a control panel located along the side of the seat.  Even modern refrigerators and washing machines often have control panels.  All of the various remote controls and touch panels are labeled in Japanese kanji characters, so when you first move in, be sure to take a close look at all of them, and make sure you understand the labels & markings -- and we will be glad to assist you with that task.  Some other key features which you must be familiar with are the systems which control electricity and water supplies.  Normally there will be a fuse box or switch panel which controls all of the electricity in the dwelling.  In case of using too many high-wattage appliances at the same time, sometimes the electricity panel will automatically turn off power due to overload, so the master switch must be manually turned back on.  As for water, there are valves and meters which control the flow into the house, and before departing on long trips or deployments, it may be wise to turn off the water, so no leaks develop while you are gone.  In any case, we can and will explain the various appliances, systems, and features of your house or apartment when you move in -- or answer questions afterwards.  Please take care to learn how your Japanese home functions and enjoy living there! Written by Good field

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