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House Building Project

New Construction House in Historic Uraga Town (Part 1)  

We started a new construction project in the historic town of Uraga.


The aim of this new project is to build a detached/single-dwelling house in the Uraga district of Yokosuka City.


First, let us briefly introduce Uraga town.


Uraga flourished as a historical port town and is famous as being the place where the U.S. Navy's "Black Ships", led by Commodore Perry", arrived in the 19th century to open Japan to international trade.


On the main street of Uraga, there are pictures related to Perry and the Black Ships.  Also, please take a look at the photographs of the lampposts on this street, which have been made in the shape of ships.


On the seaward side of the main Uraga harbor boulevard is a large old shipyard dry-dock, made from bricks.


Uraga shipyard has a long and rich history of building and repairing many ships starting from its establishment in the Meiji era (1868) until its closure in 2003.


I went down to into the bottom of the dry-dock during an open visitation day and took these photographs.


The dry-dock made with bricks was surrounded by the ocean, creating a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.


A seaside boardwalk is maintained right next to it, making Uraga harbor a great place to take a walk or rest on the benches.


In a nearby neighborhood, our ongoing project is making effective use of the land to construct a three-story rental house with a built-in garage.


The garage will be a car lover's delight and will also allow you to view your car from your bedroom.


Additionally, if you look out into the distance from the bedroom window, you will be able to see the ocean.


The building's framework was recently successfully raised.


Together with the owner, we did a detailed final check of the door openings, outlet locations, and other details.


We will continue our progress with this house construction project and will provide an update in our next article!


We hope you will visit our blog again to see what kind of new house will be completed!


Our company has a wealth of information on land suitable for lease to U.S. military-related customers, and we provide building construction plans and financial plans to our clients according to their budgets.


We will assist you in stable asset management by condensing our know-how to the maximum extent.


Of course, we can also introduce house builders and construction companies with proven track records.


Please feel free to contact us.

-Written by Good field

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