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House Building Project

New House with rooftop tower-room -- Like a pointy hat  (Part 1)

Hello! I am Rashid, a newcomer who joined the company in September.

Currently, construction of a new house is underway at Mabori Kaigan!

As a new employee, here is my perspective on our project, which has begun construction for a new rental-only residence for the local U.S. military-related (base) customers.

The property location is in Mabori Kaigan, one of Yokosuka's most popular suburban areas for base customers!

I am anxious to see what kind of house will be built in this residential area rich in nature with open skies, ocean, and greenery!

Let me explain what kind of place Mabori Kaigan is!

Fifty-seven years ago, Seibu Real Estate Corporation began a large landfill project along Yokosuka's Mabori coast; and in 1975, construction was completed, creating the residential area which can be seen today.

Mabori Kaigan is now a residential area where the landscape and public infrastructure are still maintained in accordance with the city's original color standards, which were established jointly by the people of the district and the city.

Our new construction house property is located an easy/flat 7-minute walk from the nearest train station (Mabori Kaigan Station on the Keikyu Main Line), and an on-ramp to the expressway (Mabori Kaigan Interchange) is also nearby for convenient transportation.

In the neighborhood, there are places which families can enjoy, such as the Mabori Kaigan Swimming Pool and Yuraku-no-sato (hot spring resort).  Also, shopping can be done at Don Quijote discount store and Seiyu supermarket, which are within a 10-to-15-minute drive, which is a great point.

This photo shows the "Sea Breeze" promenade (Umi-kaze no michi).

It is a straight man-made promenade running along the seaside and is a great location for jogging and strolling!

The fresh winds from the ocean are fragrant.

Looking at the ocean, blue sky, and palm trees, the area has the feeling of a tropical atmosphere. 👇

I would like to describe how the house construction site it looked a week after the demolition work had started!

When I arrived at the site in the morning, I found that most of the original buildings had already been demolished, and a single piece of heavy equipment was being used to load the pieces of the house's former foundation onto a truck.

Loading debris from the foundation onto a truck 👇.

When transporting the house foundation debris, I saw the 4-ton truck rocking wildly from side to side, which was powerful and even a bit little scary. (Laughter)

I spoke with the demolition company employee, and it appears that the work is done by loading the debris into a 4-ton truck, then taking it to a dumping site, and then return to load the truck back up again!

This alone is quite a difficult job, and I felt grateful for the efforts of the demolition company.

Here they are directing where to place the debris lifted by the heavy equipment. 👇

Finally, the demolition was completed, and the land plot was beautifully cleared!

Before the demolition, I felt that the property was very large, but after the demolition was finished, it seemed even bigger and wider.

It looks like it will get plenty of sunlight!

Next time, I will observe and explain how the construction work has progressed!

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of house will eventually be built on this land!

I will keep you updated on the status of this new house construction project as it develops.

My company has a wealth of information on land suitable for lease to U.S. military-related customers, and we can provide you with building plans and financial plans according to your budget.

We will assist you in stable asset management by condensing our experience and know-how to the maximum extent possible.

Of course, we can also introduce you to house builders and construction companies with proven track records.

Please feel free to contact us.

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