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House Building Project

New construction project --A new-construction brown-tone house🌟

A new-construction brown-tone house, attractive for U.S. military-related customers, located in the popular Mabori Kaigan area


In this article, we would like to introduce a rental house for U.S. military-related customers located in Mabori Kaigan.  Yokosuka's Mabori Kaigan suburb is one of the most popular areas for customers from the U.S. Navy Base (CFAY).  Mabori Kaigan is only about a 15 minutes' drive from the base!


We were consulted with by the property owner, who inherited the house and has idle land.  We proposed a plan for buidling a house for rent to U.S. military-related personnel.


The exterior of the new house is calm and chic, and it has easy-to-use parallel parking spaces which can comfortably park two cars.


The living room is large, offering easy access & placement for American-made furniture -- It faces south, is therefore bright and sunny.


The "LDK" (living, dining, kitchen room) is adjacent to the outside yard/garden and has a kitchenette, making it easy to use for BBQs!


The yard/garden has a terrace as well as a lawn area and is easy to maintain.  There is also ample space for a storage shed.


Kitchen has an automatic dishwasher and gas-powered oven.  There is a cupboard space in the back for ample storage.


The refrigerator is also large, with a capacity of over 600 square liters (21 square feet) -- making it suitable for the needs of a large family.


The pantry and display shelves are also key features, making this a kitchen that can be enjoyed by all residents!


The washroom is also spacious and attractive.  There is plenty of storage space for towels, soap products, cosmetics, etc.


The property owner came up with some great ideas for storage in this new house, and the various spaces are very user-friendly!


The walk-in closet in the master bedroom can be used to hang long and short items separately, and has movable shelves for storing bags and other items.


The second floor has four bedrooms, and the master bedroom takes the form of a master suite, which is an American style likely to be appreciated by U.S. military-related customers.


All rooms face south and are very bright with natural light.


After the completion of the inspection by U.S. Navy Base housing office personnel, we received many inquiries about this property, and a rental contract was signed immediately.


It was a great learning experience for me to be in charge of this project for about a year, from the construction consultation, through building work, and until the actual lease contract.


We are relieved that the contract was signed immediately after the inspection.


We will continue to support the owner and tenants in through the process of rental management.


Our company has a wealth of information on land suitable for lease to U.S. military-related customers and can propose building construction plans and financial plans according to your budget and other factors.


We will assist you in stable real estate management by maximizing the concentration of our know-how with house builders, construction companies, and other contractors that have a proven track record of doing business with you according to your needs.


Please feel free to contact us.


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