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Use Shutters for many reasons

In a previous article, linked below, we explained about how large/heavy rainstorms and windstorms (e.g., typhoons) can occasionally arrive in the Yokosuka City and Miura Peninsula, and how it was important to close the window shutters to protect your house from damage.  Many of the Japanese rental houses which we manage are equipped with shutters which can be moved sideways to cover and protect windows and sliding doors, etc.  Of interest, every day, as nighttime approaches, many Japanese people will close the shutters around their homes.  They do that for reasons of protecting privacy and also as a crime prevention measure.  Windows on the first floor of the house often face the front of the property and/or the nearby street, so by passers are able to look into the home -- therefore the shutters are closed to prevent that from happening.  Also, Japan has a very low crime rate, but burglaries do happen, and closing the shutters serves as a security measure (if you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us).  Some of our U.S. military-related customers have to leave their dwellings unoccupied while going away on lengthy operational deployments, and in such cases, closing all of the shutters is recommended.  Also, before leaving on deployments or travel, make sure to check on the status of your home utilities (water, gas, electricity -- see link below).  Finally, in order to avoid complications with (non)payment of your utilities bills, we recommend setting-up an account with the GI Pay Bill Service company (see link at bottom).  We hope you will enjoy smooth living in your Japanese rental home!

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