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House Building Project

New construction project (Part 2) --House in Historic Uraga

We have continued our new house construction project in Yokosuka City's historic Uraga District.

In a previous staff blog article, we provided some background information about Uraga and also described the framework structure of the new house being raised.

Construction is now well underway, with exterior wall materials being installed outdoors and insulation being laid indoors, and a "vapor barrier" (moisture-proof airtight sheet) being placed on top of the insulation.

Insulation is generally laid only on the inside of the building's exterior walls; but for this project, insulation has also been laid inside the interior walls to further improve thermal controls and air tightness.

This will help to prevent condensation and improve the comfort level inside the house.

After the insulation is installed, plasterboard and wallpaper will be applied.

All of this will complete the house's interior and is expected to create a more comfortable and beautiful space.

Here are some of the most important features of this property:

-- A built-in garage that provides ample parking space even within a narrow lot.

-- The garage will protect a vehicle regardless of weather conditions.

-- There is some free space on the first floor -- perfect for hobbies or desk work.

-- There is a bathroom on the second floor, and a shower room on the 3rd floor that can be accessed from the master bedroom.  It has the feel of a hotel!

-- The distance from the living space out to the garage & vehicle is very short.

-- Having the living space on the upper floors takes advantage of natural light from the Sun and makes the rooms bright.

There will be a planning meeting to review exterior construction in the near future.

We will confirm the locations and other details of the stairs, garage, gateposts, water meters, and water faucets, etc.

We will continue to report on the progress of this new construction project in a forthcoming article!

We hope you will visit our staff blog again to see what kind of house will be completed!

Our company has a wealth of information on land suitable for renting to U.S. military-related customers, and we can provide building construction plans and financial plans to our clients according to their budgets.

We will assist you in stable asset management by condensing our know-how to the maximum extent.

Of course, we can also introduce house builders and construction companies with proven track records.


Please feel free to contact us.

-Written by Good field

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