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A public festival (called 祭り, "Matsuri")

In Japanese culture, there is a tradition & practice, since ancient times, of people from a neighborhood getting together to hold a public festival (called 祭り, "Matsuri", see link below for more information).  These festivals occur frequently, all around the country, and Yokosuka is no exception.  In this article we will introduce a unique matsuri/festival which will be held in Yokosuka's Kurihama district on 15 July 2023, from 10:00~20:00.  The event is called the "Kurihama Perry Festival" (久里浜ペリー祭), and it will commemorate the arrival, and coming ashore, 170 years ago, of personnel from the U.S. Navy "Black Ship" squadron, commanded by Commodore Matthew Perry (see link at the bottom for more details).  This festival was last held in 2019, and then was cancelled during 2020~2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic -- so, there is a lot of local excitement about being able to restart it this year.  Kurihama can conveniently be reached by either the JR or Keikyu trains (driving is not recommended due to large crowds and limited parking).  The festival is organized as follows: 10:00~15:00, bazaar, performances & parade along Kurihama shopping street (商店街, Shoten-gai); 10:30, commemoration ceremony at Perry Park, attended by Yokosuka Mayor & American VIPs; and 19:30~20:00, large fireworks display (3,500 shots) from rafts on the ocean, located right offshore of Kurihama Beach.  Since it occurs during mid-July, things will likely be warm and humid, and if there is bad weather (such as a typhoon or heavy rainstorm), the festival will be cancelled.  If you have not experienced a (family friendly) Japanese matsuri/festival, "Kurihama Perry-Sai" would be a nice one to start with.  In addition to the bright colors; happy crowds; traditional music & costumes; booths selling food, drinks, souvenirs -- watching the fireworks from the beach-area on a balmy evening is both fun & memorable.  We hope you will get the chance to enjoy this Yokosuka summer festival, which has a special historical connection to U.S. Navy.

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MATSURI ( 祭り )|Off Base Housing Yokosuka | IINO REAL ESTATE is for rental housing in Yokosuka Japan...Civilian, Military house agency


Commodore Matthew Perry and the "Black Ships"|Off Base Housing Yokosuka | IINO REAL ESTATE is for rental housing in Yokosuka Japan...Civilian, Military house agency

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