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House Rebuilding Project

The flow of time & Harmony between pine tree and house -- New construction project (Part 1)

Construction of a new house, using Japanese style & design commenced at a site in Yokosuka's Mabori Kaigan area.   

We made a rebuilding project proposal to the owner of 45-year-old house, which had already been rented for a long time to U.S. military-related customers.  

We had originally proposed remodeling work, but eventually decided to entirely rebuild the house, to be used for the next 20 to 30 years.   

With the demolition work finally being completed, now is the time for the construction work to begin! 

The general flow of the entire house rebuilding process is as follows:

(1) Demolition, (2) Measuring & marking locations on the ground of site, (3) Start of construction, (4) Laying foundation & wooden work, (5) Roof installation, (6) Interior work, (7) Interior inspection, and (8) Handover.        

The preparation/confirmation of the ground site is called: "Ji-nawa Kakunin" ( 地縄確認 ) -- it was the first time I had heard the term, and it was literally the process of stretching ropes on the ground to confirm the positional relationship of the new house to be erected on the land plot.    

This was the first time I had been involved in a new construction project, and in the various processes, including meetings.   

I was struck by the need for a large amount of information and the importance of accuracy and imagination.

Being torn down   

Demolition finished

Site being prepared  

Preparation completed

Some of you may have noticed...

Only the original/old house was demolished 

Usually when it comes to demolition,

The entire land plot is cleared, not just the existing house

But please take a look at this spacious and beautiful Japanese garden!

In front of, and arching over, the original gate entrance area there is planted a magnificent "mon-kaburi" decorative pine tree   

We decided that this well-appointed historical garden should be preserved,

So, we asked the construction company to leave it as is

We have also thought out the layout and floor plan of the new house and parking lot in detail, in order to preserve the garden

We hope it will end up being a house where you can feel the special qualities and attention to detail

The magnificent "mon-kaburi" decorative pine tree   

We are looking forward to the construction of this wonderful new house in harmony with the fine old traditional garden!

We will have some meetings to discuss the interior design, etc., so we will study it carefully as we go along.

We hope in the future that you will visit our blog and read the next update to learn more about this project's progress!

We have a wealth of information on land suitable for leasing to U.S. military-related customers, and we offer building construction plans and financial plans to our clients based on their budgets and other factors.

We can assist you in stable real estate management by maximizing the concentration of our know-how with housebuilders, construction companies, and other contractors with whom we have business dealings, according to your needs.

Please feel free to contact us.


Written by Goodfield

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