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Train lined: Keihin Kyuko (or Keikyu) and Japan Railways (JR)

Passenger trains are a great way to travel to almost anywhere in Japan.  The advantages of riding the railways up to Tokyo, for example, are that you can relax in a clean & air-conditioned carriage, don't have worry about finding (paying for) a parking space, directly connect into the vast subway system, and the trains run on time.  Yokosuka has the advantage of offering two different commuter train lines: Keihin Kyuko (or Keikyu -- see link at bottom) and Japan Railways (JR).  JR's Yokosuka Station is located about a 10-to-15 minute walk from the main gate of the Navy Base (CFAY), and in addition to providing service to Yokohama and Tokyo, the JR train can be taken all the way to Narita International Airport.  JR Yokosuka Station has a long history and some special features.  It was one of the first rail line/stations built in Meiji-Era Japan, back in 1889.  The Yokosuka train line was nationally important, as it connected Japan's capital, Tokyo, with the naval port and military facilities in the Miura Peninsula area.  The current station building was built in 1914 and reconstructed in its current form in 1940, and a closer look will reveal that the pillars which hold up the intricately designed wooden roof are actually steel train rails.  Another unique thing about JR Yokosuka Station is that, unlike almost all other Japanese train stations, it has no stairs.  Of interest, the trains which run along the JR Yokosuka Line are equipped with two carriages which are called "Green Cars".  Green Cars are essentially first class-style carriages, with reserved seating and are more expensive -- but the seats are roomier, there is less crowding, more peace & quiet, and there is a restroom available, so they are a great way to travel.  Finally, only a couple of stops up the line from JR Yokosuka Station are Zushi (with its popular ocean beach) and historic Kamakura (with loads of statues, shrines, temples and other attractions).  We hope you will get a chance to use JR Yokosuka Station and ride the trains to explore and enjoy Japan!

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