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横須賀市自然・人文博物館 / YOKOSUKA-SHI SHIZEN・JINBUN HAKUBUTSU-KAN or "Yokosuka Museum of Nature and the Humanities" is situated on a bluff overlooking the downtown/harbor area. It is located right next to Central Peace Park (see link below). The museum was originally founded in 1954 in the Kurihama district and was moved to its current location in 1970. It is full of interesting objects and information about the history and natural characteristics of Yokosuka City and the Miura Peninsula areas. The museum has several areas where life-sized diorama-type displays show local flora and fauna, as well as how Japanese people lived in the past (i.e., examples of housing and implements/tools, etc). There are 埴輪 / HANIWA figures and pottery from the ancient Jomon Era (see link below), which were excavated during archeological digs near Yokosuka. Also, there is a large & impressive taxidermy collection of animals, fish, and insects which live on & around the Miura Peninsula. Other areas in the museum show how Yokosuka changed and modernized, starting with the arrival of Commodore Perry and the U.S. Navy's "Black Ships". Although most of the display descriptions are in Japanese, nowadays that is no longer such a barrier to understanding since smart-phone camera APPs can automatically translate the content. There is a large (pay) parking lot at the museum, which is only a short drive from the U.S. Navy Base (CFAY) -- and admission to the museum itself is free! So, it is very convenient to access, and the nearby scenic park is great for walking and picnics, etc. We hope you will get the chance to visit and enjoy Yokosuka's wonderful museum while you live here!

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