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Even the gorilla is surprised! Renovating a house with Japanese harmony -- "和" (Part 2)

January 1, 2023

Even the gorilla is surprised! Renovating a house with Japanese harmony -- "和" (Part 2)

Did you know that one of the customs which has been handed down from generation to generation in Japan is a belief about good luck in certain things?

Since this house was built a long time ago, the trees and shrubbery in the yard have grown up well, and among them we could see a tree with "good luck".

The tree planted in the house's garden is a "Kurogane-mochi" holly tree, which is said to possess good luck. This type of tree has been planted around houses in Japan since ancient times and is believed to bring prosperity. Small evergreen shrubs called "Senryo" and "Manryo" are also considered to be lucky.

The renovation of this house, which retains many old features showing the customs and culture of Japan, is nearing completion.

The person in charge of the project told us that 99% of the work on the first floor was complete, and only some details remain to be reworked and finished.

Even though only 1% of the project remains, the renovation staff do not cut corners, and show responsibility and passion for their work. Their goal is to make the future residents' life in Japan, and in the house, as comfortable as possible.


Among the first-floor areas, the person in charge placed emphasis on the special design of the "和室/Wa-shitsu" Japanese-style room.

"Ryukyu" tatami mats were used in this room instead of the usual "Kanto" tatami mats. By taking advantage of the natural light from the original two large windows, the brightness of the room is increased, and the sixteen Ryukyu tatami mats create a sense of spaciousness. The colors of the tatami mats absorb the pleasant window light, resulting in a room which feels open and relaxed.


Originally, when planning how to remodel the house, the project team considered converting this room from Japanese-style to Western-style, since it was intended to be used by U.S. military-related rental customers. But they eventually decided to keep it as a Japanese-style room with tatami mats, in order to preserve a space where the traditional elegance of the original Japanese house could be felt.

So, this room, which is filled with such feelings, reveals a fascinating charm and attachment to old and quaint objects, which is the result of the careful use of designs and materials, as if to challenge the common notion that only "beautiful things = new things".


Before painting


After painting

As interior renovation work was finishing up, the exterior renovation was also nearing completion.

For example, the entrance door and framework has been beautifully painted, and it gives a nice bright impression compared to the original old appearance. The coloring is lovely and anticipates the future residents cheerfully seeing off those who leave the house and warmly welcoming those who come back or arrive.

The painted surface is not only to make the house feel less worn and aged, but also to create a harmonious atmosphere by reusing existing materials and without creating an incongruous feeling in the house where only one area seems brand new.


Of note, the porch light unobtrusively installed next to the entrance doorframe was quite rusted before the renovation. Therefore, the rust was carefully removed with a file, and then two coats of paint were applied.


The restoration of the porch light was simple but challenging. For example, during the rust removal stage, if it is not done carefully and completely, when paint is applied later on, the paint will peel right off.

We also assisted in this work, and it was very straightforward-but-demanding and time-consuming. We were again impressed by the skill of the craftsmen who were able to finish the work very quickly and efficiently.


At this time, most of the other rooms, which could not be covered in this article, are also in a state of completion.

In our next article, we hope to show and describe the completed renovation of the house, which is focused on "harmony of old and new".

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