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DIY store "HOMES,"

During or after a move into a Japanese house or apartment, there may be a need to buy furniture or do some fixing-up or decorating. In such cases, it would be handy to be able purchase things at a large home improvement store, and the good news is that such stores are located in Yokosuka. Japanese sometimes call those stores: "DIY" -- which means Do It Yourself. One of these stores is named: "HOMES," and it is located in the Heisei District, only about a five-minute drive from Yokosuka Navy Base (CFAY.) HOMES is pretty big, with two stories of retail space, and divided into sections selling furniture, hardware, kitchen supplies, outdoor/camping goods, gardening materials (including seeds and plants), bicycles, lighting & electronics, and lumber. It also has a pharmacy, a pet store, a clothing store, and a McDonalds restaurant. HOMES sells pretty much anything needed for home improvement, and is a great place to buy, for example, Japanese-style/sized furniture to fit in the smaller spaces of your home. A major convenience offered by HOMES is a sizable parking lot located on the roof of the building -- and there is no parking fee. So, it is easy and cheap to drive to HOMES and shop for the various items needed to help make your house into a more comfortable and livable place. We hope you will get a chance to visit this useful store while you live here.

written by Goodfield

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