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Family restaurant: "Fami-Resu" (ファミレス)

In this article we will look at a restaurant which is also well-known in America, called "Denny's".  It is a type of eatery which Japanese call "Fami-Resu" (ファミレス), which is an English loan word abbreviation of "family restaurant".  In previous articles now listed on our webpage's Staff Blog, we wrote about Fami-Resu, and also the Italian-style Saizeriya -- please feel free to take a look at our Staff Blog, link: . Denny's restaurants are located at several places in Yokosuka -- there is even one in the downtown/harbor district which is walking distance from the U.S. Navy Base (CFAY).  What is nice about Denny's is its familiarity and convenience, with bilingual menus where the food items are shown with pictures, and served with typically good Japanese customer service.  Denny's is a great place to try out Japanese-style cooking for the first time, as most types of local comfort foods are offered.  For example, you can try fried salmon with rice & miso soup, curry-rice omelette, or ramen noodles, etc.  There is also a large selection of Western meals -- one of the most popular being hamburger steaks, which are served with vegetables and various sauces & toppings.  One item which has been retained from the American Denny's menu is the club sandwich -- a nice taste from home.  Another great feature of Japanese Denny's is the "Drink Bar" -- it is not free, but for a small fee you can enjoy endless refills from the Cafe Latte/Espresso fresh coffee machine, soft drinks, and a large variety of teas, etc.  Most Denny's have parking lots, so it's easy to go by car -- but not all of them are free.  Like other Fami-Resu, Denny's is a place to eat and relax for a while -- unless it is during a busy period, there is not a feeling of being asked to leave, and customers will often spend quite a while talking to each other over dessert -- and yes, the dessert menu is awesome, always offering tasty fresh fruit concoctions, which change with the seasons.  We hope you will be able visit & enjoy Denny's while you live in Japan! 


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