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Japanese food: Shabu-shabu" (しゃぶしゃぶ).

In a previous article (linked below), we briefly introduced Japan's meat barbecue restaurants (焼肉屋 "Yaki-niku-ya"), where small/thin slices of beef, lamb, pork, or chicken, etc., are fried by customers on gas or charcoal grills which are built into the tables.  Red meat was not traditionally eaten in Japan, and first became generally available in the late-19th century -- but it was expensive!  So, it became common to cook meats in small/bite-sized portions.  Besides Yaki-niku, there is another popular way to consume meat, which is called "Shabu-shabu" (しゃぶしゃぶ).  At Shabu-shabu restaurants, instead of a grill, a large bowl (鍋 "na-be") is placed on a heating element in the middle of the customer's table and then filled with broth, usually made with kelp (昆布 "Konbu").  Once the broth is heated up, sliced vegetables are placed into the hot pot, then small & very thin slices of meat are picked-up with chopsticks and "swished-around" in the broth and quickly cooked.  Each customer also will have small plates for savory sauces in which to dip the meat and vegetables.  A nice and user-friendly Shabu-shabu restaurant, called: "Gyu-ta" (牛太), is conveniently located close to Yokosuka Navy Base (CFAY) in the Coaska Bayside Stores shopping mall (see link at the bottom for more info on the mall).  Gyu-ta offers 90 minute all-you-can-eat (食べ放題 "Tabe-ho-dai") and all-you-can-drink (飲み放題 "Nomi-ho-dai") specials, as well as regular menu items.  The prices are reasonable, for example, the basic all-you-can-eat special is 2,500 yen.  All of the vegetables are laid-out, buffet style, in a self-service line, and the meats are brought to your table (along with drinks) by the friendly restaurant workers.  Many foreigners go to eat at Gyu-ta, so the restaurant staff is used to communicating with non-Japanese customers, and an English-language menu is available.  Most of the tables are booth-like and can seat parties of 4 or 6.  So, a great place to experience & enjoy a delicious Shabu-shabu meal is Gyu-ta restaurant, and we hope you will get a chance to eat there!  

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