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House Rebuilding Project

Renovation Project Number 2 -- The hidden house up on a hill

A property owner who inherited a house, wanted to convert, and then rent, it to U.S. military-related customers.  So, we conducted a renovation project, which was recently completed without incident.  The property, which had an element of being a hideaway, contained a house which was filled with the owner's special characteristics, so we renewed it while making the most of the areas that could be utilized as is.    


The main construction work included a large-scale floorplan layout change which involved connecting two rooms to create a spacious bedroom that can accommodate large furniture.  In this article, we would like to describe some parts of the old house which were left in place, as well as a few areas which were changed & updated.    

This was an original Western-style room, with an antique atmosphere.  We only replaced the flooring in this room, as it was already impressive with its wooden walls, pleasantly designed skirting boards, and impressive cornice construction.  The flooring material was selected to harmonize with the overall color of the room.  The wood provides a sense of warmth which gives the space a relaxing feel.      


The existing flooring in the entrance hall was utilized with no change, while the entrance door and shoe box shelves were replaced with new ones.  The shoe box shelves are U-shaped for extra storage capacity.  The hall area had luxurious-wide available space, so we placed an existing & charming old wooden table near the front door.       


Near the back of the house with an antique feel is a Japanese-style room (wa-shitsu).  We carefully chose to leave the Japanese-style room pretty much unchanged and installed a new lighting fixture that fit the overall traditional atmosphere.  It has a strong presence, but the light spreads softly.     


This Japanese-style room was a special characteristic and point of interest for the owner, so we left it as is.


Log beams and woven bamboo sections can be seen on the ceiling.


In the living, dining, & kitchen (LDK) area, we replaced the old "system kitchen" fittings and installed a new counter for food preparation and cooking.  The new counter was chosen based on the same design series as the kitchen, so it is not only easier to use but also looks better.  For the kitchen space, the depth and height of the counters have been carefully adjusted for ease of use. 


In addition to finishing the house's interior, the outside walls were painted and the rooftop was waterproofed.  There were some leftover objects on the rooftop, such as storage sheds, etc.  After removing all of them, the waterproofing was done.  In the end, we think the roof was cleaned up beautifully.       


* The rooftop is not normally accessible, but we were able to take special photos to confirm the work. 


The color of the exterior walls was also chosen by the owner.  The well-applied paint color is a gray-navy blue.  During the construction process, we visited the site many times to discuss the renovation project.     


The inspection by U.S. Navy Base Housing Office was recently completed and we are now accepting rental applications.  The property is located relatively close to the Navy Base, and most importantly, there is a bus stop right in front of the house, and a convenience store just a minute's walk away.  It is an easy area in which to live with convenient transportation.  The property also has a parking space, so those who own a car can live there cheaply and comfortably.      


Before painting.


After painting.



If you have any questions about property matters in Yokosuka, please feel free to contact Iino Real Estate Company.  We will make a proposal according to your intention, such as sale, renovation for lease, and new construction. 



Leave it to Iino Real Estate Company to renovation and remodeling to increase the profitability of your property.

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