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The meaning of LDK is: Living (room), Dining (room), and Kitchen

Yokosuka City and the Miura Peninsula are located about an hour's drive south of Tokyo, which is a "mega-city" with a population of almost 14 million people. If all of the cities and suburbs surrounding Tokyo are included, the total population is 36 million people. So, due to the huge number of people residing in the crowded urban area, Japanese houses and apartments tend to be small (compared to America) and have been designed to make the best use of limited space. One thing which is immediately noticeable about most Japanese suburban houses, is the lack of large front or back yards. As for apartments and condominiums, they are often stacked-up in multi-story high rise buildings. Inside most Japanese dwellings, there are bedrooms (either Western-style or Japanese "WA-SHITSU), and separate spaces for bath, wash basin, laundry machine, and toilet, etc. Additionally, there is a room called "LDK." The LDK room is the largest open space in the house. The meaning of LDK is: Living (room), Dining (room), and Kitchen, and it is the space where people who dwell in the house can spend time together while eating or relaxing. There are many ways to arrange furniture in the LDK room, but often a small dining table is placed near the kitchen, while a sofa and easy chairs are arranged in a separate corner (usually facing a TV.) The LDK is normally equipped with numerous electric power and TV cable outlets, and some kitchens are in an enclosed corner, while others directly face the rest of the room. Also, the LDK often will have sliding doors which open out to a small back yard or patio/balcony -- it is a perfect place for house plants and interior gardening. The LDK is a special large room in your Japanese home which can be used completely according to your imagination and taste. We hope you will enjoy designing and arranging a perfect relaxing LDK!

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